Condor2 is a Realistic Soaring Simulation

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Find the thermals and get the lift!

Realistic Physics

Condor Soaring Simulator simulates the complete gliding experience on your computer.

Advanced 6DOF flight model for total freedom of flight. Accurate sailplane performance and handling – also at and beyond critical angles of attack Sailplane damage simulation – flutter, high G stress, collisions. UBphysics™ engine runs at 500 x frame rate for high accuracy. Accurate ground forces for realistic takeoffs, landings and crashes. Detailed, sub-object collision detection for mid air and ground object collisions. Accurate conditions for a realistic towing and winch start.


Realistic Weather

Advanced weather model aimed at soaring flight

Realistic thermal life cycle: starting from the ground they reach cloud base, the cloud becomes bigger and more dense and later dissipates which causes the air below it to sink. The location and strength of thermals is based on terrain sun exposure and ground features like forests, fields and villages. Realistic daily sun travel which affects the frequency and strength of thermals. Cloud can form streets with appropriate wind settings. Up slope wind on sunny ridges (anabatic winds). Ridge lift with leeward downwind and turbulence, venturi effects. Waves behind ridges, wavelength depends on wind speed and stability of the atmosphere. Correct atmosphere pressure, density and temperature height distribution. 3D isotropic turbulence model for thermal and mechanical turbulence. Preset and custom weather conditions.

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Realistic MultiPlayer Racing

Race against human pilots

Support for up to 64 pilots. Simultaneous Internet and LAN support. Dedicated server option. Central web based servers list for easy connecting. Host configures flightplan which is automatically propagated to clients (task, weather, plane class, realism options). Real time scoring and support for regatta starts for maximum excitement. Radio frequencies support when chatting. Sub-object collision detection for realistic mid-air collisions.

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Realistic Features

Condor2 uses Realistic Modeling

  • Cockpit Controls & Instruments
  • Racing SailPlanes
  • PDA Navigation
  • High Resolution Landscapes
  • Trainers to the fastest racers
  • Tow Planes
  • Winch Launch
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    Realistic Planes

    7 sailplanes included with game - 6 add-on sailplanes - Higher Quality ScreenShots in Gallery

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